cube creative

Cube Creative 2015 Showreel

Our friends at Cube Creative presents their new 2015 Showreel featuring a compilation of their latest animated TVC, movies and shorts. cube creative cube creative cube creative cube creative cube creative...
Jason Martin Reel 2015

Jason Martin Reel 2015

Jason Martin,  currently working at Important Looking Pirates (ILPVFX), presents his new reel Jason Martin Reel 2015 Jason Martin Reel 2015 Jason Martin Reel 2015 Jason Martin Reel 2015 Jason Martin Reel 2015...
Michelin, Heat Fx Breakdown

Michelin Cross Climate and Breakdown

Unit Image presents a their new animated post for Michelin, Cross Climate, followed by a breakdown by Toufik Mekbel Michelin, Heat Fx Breakdown Michelin, Heat F...
Over The Moon

Over the Moon

Award-winning director James Cunningham, with the talented visual effects students at Auckland's Media Design School, brought The Comic Book Factory heroine Connie Radar and her bumbling sidekick Julius to life for the intergalactic comedy, “Over the Moon”...
Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades

Cirkus proudly presents the two first episodes from Jack of All Trades series, a wacky 1 minute animated series centered on Jack, a regular guy with an extraordinary imagination - he's the child in all of us.
All Things Fall

All Things Fall : 3D Printed Zoetrope

Sebastian Not presents his new This 3D 3D Printed Zoetrope based on "Massacre of the innocent" painting by Rubens. The printed job took about 6 months of work and involved creating over 350 character figures, environment elements and architecture made on 3...
Monogrenade - Le Fantôme

Monogrenade : Le Fantôme

Monogrenade : Le Fantôme is a music film by Kristof Brandl, produced by Antler Inc. that questions our perception of reality and memory.  After losing everything, material possessions, love, and perhaps even sanity, a robot injects the male character with...

Minions : International Tailer #3

The last international trailer for Minions by illumination has just arrived! Have fun! Minions Minions Minions Minions...
Sketchfab long

Sketchfab Models Selection #21

We're really happy to present our 21th selection of the best 3D Models featured on Sketchfab If you want to be featured in our weekly selection of real-time 3d models, just upload your work to Sketchfab and send us the url to be considered You can check the...
Better Save Soil

Better Save Soil

This film by Uli Streckenbach is the continuation of the film “Let’s Talk about Soil” premiered at the first Global Soil Week.  There is a wealth of concrete local actions and policy initiatives out there that can inspire our thinking about the city of...
Making of Lego Adventure In The City

Making of Lego Adventure In The City

Discover the making of 'Making of Lego Adventure In The City' a short stop motion animated story that made for Lego China and written and directed by Rogier Wieland Making of Lego Adventure In ...
Making of Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer

Making of Hotel Transylvania 2 Teaser Trailer

Get an exclusive look at how all the details came together for the Hotel Transylvania 2 teaser trailer with Production Designer Mike Kurinsky! Making ...
Hotel Transylvania Making The Hotel

Hotel Transylvania : Making The Hotel

Learn how Sony Imageworks team has created the hotel and characters for Hotel Transylvania. In-Ah Roediger, animator on Hotel Transylvania, will be one of our IT'S ART Master Classes '16. Learn More
Pepsi Raw

Making of Pepsi Raw

Simon Hegarty presents the making of latest Pepsi Commercial, Pepsi Raw Pepsi Raw Pepsi Raw Pepsi Raw Pepsi Raw Pepsi Raw...


New Monday explores the concept of loneliness, on an alien landscape with robots… Obviously, what else? 2am 2am 2am 2am 2am...


In Korean, Wedding has meaning of "Going husband house." In other words, "Leaving her home.Chung-Ang Univ 3D Animation studnet Wooksang Chang tells us a story about woman, who was a baby, daughter, lady, wife, and mom. Mom ...
Animation video games

Animation for Videogames : Creating a Character Animation Set

Ever wanted to learn how to animate for video games? In this video James Marijeanne breaks down what an animation tree is, how interactive animation works in a video game based on button inputs and how these animations relate to each other. https://vimeo.c...


In the village of Dodoba, a toad must face trial over the murder of a frog. Dodoba is animated short made by Yon Hui for his graduation at CalArts. Dodoba Dodoba Dodoba Dodoba Dodoba...
Martell Tricentenaire

Martell Tricentenaire

French animation and 3D printing company,Mecanique Generale ,presents their new animated commercial for Martell Martell Tricentenaire Martell Tricentenaire Martell Tricentenaire Martell Tricentenaire...