infinite crisis

Infinite Crisis : What Do You Fight For?

Plastic Wax presents their latest game cinematic made for DC Comics characters based game, Infinite Crisis
Titanfall intro sequence

Titanfall intro sequence

Spov Design + Moving Image presents the opening cinematic sequence for Respawn/EA's new Xbox One game,...
Titanfall Life Is Better With A Titan

Life Is Better With A Titan

Looks like 'Life Is Better With A Titan' as claimed in this director's cut version of the commercial for made for xbox one game,...
titanfall free frontier

Titanfall Free Frontier Teaser

Titanfall epic battles with Pilots and their Titan companions is getting a new dimension in this teaser for a live action movie based on the game, in this Respawn and Playfight collaboration, 'Titanfall :...

inFamous Second Son Live Trailer

Sony has unveiled a new live trailer for inFamous Second Son featuring tons of VFX Shots
Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight – Father to Son

Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city he is sworn to protect. Discover Batman: Arkham Knight game cinematic, introducing Rocksteady's uniquely designed version of the...

The Last Of Us Exclusive Making-of

Check out this exclusive 1h30 behind the scene of The last Of Us including mocap sequences, concept art and much more. See Also : -> Last Of Us Left Behind Concept Art -> Last Of Us Concept Art ->...
The Last Of Us Left Behind

The Last of Us : Left Behind Concept Art

If you've loved our collection of concept art made for the Last of Us, prepare to be amazed with this new set of concept art made for The Last of Us : Left...
Short Peace

Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day

Sony has unveiled a trailer for Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day, a game based on Short Peace anime featuring 4 shorts by Shuhei Morita, Katsuhiro Otomo, Hiroaki Ando and Hajime Katoki. Possessions...
The Last of Us - Left Behind

The Last of Us: Left Behind

Don't miss the first trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind by  Naughty Dog. Everything about The Last on Us on IT'S ART, including making of, concept art and behind the scenes available...
Aaron Beck

World War Machine Concept Art

Weta Workshop Concept artist Aaron Beck presents a stunning collection of artworks made for World War Machine, a RPG by Square...
Happy Hunting

Evolve : Happy Hunting

Check the new trailer for Evolve, a game by 2K and Turtle Rock Studios with motion capture by Digital Domain  rendered in real time using...
starcraft art tools

Starcraft Art Tools

If you're a Blizzard fan, you'll probably enjoy the new Starcraft 2 art tools unveiled by Blizzard this week. You can download them from...
The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4

The Elder Scrolls Online

Prepare for an epic game cinematic battle with the game cinematic for the Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 by Bethesda...
inFAMOUS Second Son 2

inFAMOUS Second Son

Get a real look at what your can except from nextgen consoles in this new impressive real time trailer for inFamous Second...