Making Jurassic World

The Art of Animatronic in Jurassic World

Back to the basics with the impressive work of Legacy Effects for Jurassic World. Dive into this special documentary and learn how they're created the nasty creatures.
making inside out

Making of Pixar’s Inside out

An insight at Pixar's Inside Out team at work in this special video showing lots of concept art, sculptures, and models from the film.
jurassic world

Jurassic World Concept Art

Discover a collection of mood and environment pieces made for Jurassic World by Gadget Bot ...
The Sound of the Avengers Age of Ultron

The Sound of the Avengers: Age of Ultron

SoundWorks Collection  profile talks with Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Christopher Boyes from Skywalker Sound about his work on Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Sound of the Avengers Age of Ultron The Sound of th...
Jupiter Ascending Concept Art

Jupiter Ascending : Exclusive Concept Art

We're really happy to present this exclusive collection of Concept Art made for Jupiter Ascending by The Aaron Sims Company, a Concept Design and Visual Effects studio in Los Angeles.
kevin dart big hero 6

Big Hero 6 Early Concept Art by Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart, who's recently worked on concept art for Pixar's Inside Out soon coming animated movie, presents some very interesting early concept art he's done for Disney's Big Hero 6. Discover how different the movie could have been with this selection of illu...

The Sound of Interstellar

In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection sound profile Michael Coleman talks with Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King about the sound teams extensive work on Director Christopher Nolan's immersive sci-fi film Interstellar.
game of thrones concept art

Game of Thrones Season 4 Concept Art

Have a look at this new set of concept art for Game of Thrones season 4 by Karakter Studios
Interstellar Spacesuit Concept Art

Interstellar Concept Art : The Spacesuit

Concept artist, animator and art director Romek Delimata presents some concept art he's made for Interstellar Interstellar Spacesuit Concept Art Interstellar Spacesu...
Making of the Book Of Life

Making of The Book Of Life

Learn more about the making of 'The Book of Life' by Reel Fx in this special behind the scenes video and browse a collection of Concept Art for The Book Of Life, by Jordan Lamarre-Wan and Travis Koller
maze runner concept art

The Art of The Maze Runner

Ken Barthelmey presents an awesome collection of concept art made for The Maze Runner
guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art by Bob Cheshire

Discover a new selection of impressive concept art done by Bob Cheshire for Guardians of The Galaxy! If you're looking for more Guardians of The Galaxy Concept Art and Making-of, check our special archive page
flesh computer

Flesh Computer

FLESH COMPUTER, a short film from writer/director Ethan Shaftel, explores the nature of consciousness by jumping between the perspectives of an eclectic group of characters including a young girl, a vicious bully, and a tiny housefly. Flesh Computer has been...
star wars models

The Art of Star Wars : The Models

Can't wait for Star Wars VII and all the crazy VFX? and what about a look back at the incredible work made by the artists for the really first movie? Discover a selection of close-up to all original Star Wars Models See Also : Star Wars VI Concept Art http:/...
dracula untold concept art

Concept Art : Dracula Untold

Browse this selection of Concept Art made by Andrei Riabovitchev, Maciej Kuciara and Mauro Borrelli for Dracula Untold.  ...
How to train your dragon

DreamWorks Animation 20th Anniversary Concept Art

Don't miss this special art releases for DreamWorks 20th Anniversary at Acme Archives. 
DreamWorks Animation will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary on October 12, 2014! 
Acme Archives will be having a month long celebration as well, releasing new artwork fea...
guardians of the galaxy Concept Art

Guardians of The Galaxy Concept Art by Atomhawk

Don't miss this beautiful selection of 21 concept art made by Atomhawk Design for Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy. Browse more Guardians of The Galaxy related articles on IT'S ART, here