Naiad Boat Study

Naiad Boat Study

Tayfun KALAFAT presents an interesting Naiad boat simulation in this reel showing the research process ...
Real-Time Skin Deformation

Real-Time Skin Deformation

This video presented by Rodolph Vaillant for SIGGRAPH 2013 research paper, depicts a Real-Time Skin Deformation with Contact Modeling method The authors of this research ( Rodol...
ChiChang Chu

ChiChang Chu Fluid Reel

ChiChang Chu presents a FX reel focusing on his fluid work featuring some breakdowns and R&D ...
Marcos Francos Fx Reel

Marcos Francos Reel

Marcos Francos presents an interesting FX reel featuring work made with Houdini, Realflow, Mental Ray and Renderman ...
Making of acoustic

Making of MTV Live Acoustic

Matt Frodsham has shared a R&D and breakdowns from the making of MTV Live Acoustic campaign directed by Zeitguised See Also : MTV Live Idents by Zeitguised // Making of Banque Populaire by Matt Frodsham ...
Thinking Particle

TP Vehicle Simulation

Have a look at this Thinking Particles and Bulletphysics realtime simulation created by Eloi Andaluz, the maker of Demolition Master ...

Naiad R&D tribute

FX Artist Elrik has posted a seven minutes FX reel, a sort of tribute to Naiad technology recently acquired by Autodesk. Click to Enlarge ...
Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning

Jake Sargeant presents some colorfull R&D and renders done for LG 'Advanced Learning' commercial See also : Tron Legacy Motion Design by Jake Sargeant
Halo 4 VFX

Halo 4 Multiplayer VFX

Halo 4 multiplayer  VFX artisit, John Grubner, presents a collection of R&D made for this special edition of Halo 4 ...

FumeFX Fire R&D

Fx Artist Joel Lelièvre just uploaded a really nice fire simulation. Check it out

Camaro-geddon with TP5

Anselm von Seherr Thoss shared a nice ThinkingParticles destructing test on a Camaro.

Smoke R&D

Elysian just shared a nice smoke simulation. Check it out

nDynamics Maya R&D

Amin CGI shared with us  a nice R&D made with Maya  and nDynamics

World of Tanks Breakdown

Graham Matthew Collier just share with us a terrific breakdown of a cinematic World of Tanks he worked on. Check it out : Watch the full cinematic here...

Melting Wax

Mohammadreza Siahpoosh made an impressive render of a RnD sim of a sphere of wax melting from solid state to liquid. It was made with Naiad for the fluids sim then merged into Max. Part. rendered with Krakatoa ...

Alien Cancer SSS Render

Damian Atkinson share with the community a great render test of an Alien Cancer evolution rendered with SSS mat.

King Frog

Wesley Schneider, rigging artist at Johnathan Post, shared a really nice breakdown of King Frog