RealFlow DSpline Tutorial

RealFlow DSpline Tutorial

Learn how to create a water effect with this video tutorial by Freelance 3d generalist Besik Mzhavanadze RealFlow DSpline Tutorial RealFlow DSpline Tutorial RealFlow...
facial rig

Polishing Facial Animation in Maya

Jason Ryan presents how he polishes facial animation with one of iAnimate's latest character Angela. This is from a portion of his live 2 hour weekly demos at iAnimate.
exploring unified 3D space

Exploring unified 3D space with HitFilm 3 Pro

Learn how to create a realistic shot of a plane flying through clouds using the new unified 3D space in HitFilm 3 Pro. Try the free demo of HitFilm 3 Pro now!
maya tips

45 Maya Tips

Join Maya expert Daryl Obert for a special session where he will show you 45 tips and tricks in 45 minutes! maya tips maya tips maya tips maya...
Stabilize Videos with Blender

How to Stabilize Videos with Blender

Learn how to track points in a video, and use that information to compensate their movement in order to stabilize the video in Blender Stabilize Videos with Blender...
drawing Hiro and Baymax

Draw Hiro and Baymax

Learn how to draw Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6, with Jin Kim, character design supervisor at...
Thinking Particles Spline Path

Thinking Particles Spline Path

Learn how to make your Thinking Particles move using a Spline Path and manipulate some of the settings to get different results in this this Cinema 4D Tutorial by Pixldg
3ds max ambient occlusion

Ambient Occlusion with Vray in 3DS Max 2015

Johannes Tiner presents a new 3DS Max 2015 video tutorial to learn the basics about Ambient Occlusion with Vray. You can download all project files here 3ds max ambient...
mental ray

Camera Depth Passes in Maya Mental Ray

JJ Chalupnik presents a video tutorial about depth passes in Maya Mental Ray. You will learn: • Setting up Render Layers in the Channel Box • Setting up Luminance Shaders to view Z-Depth in Viewport...
road collapse in 3DS Max

RoadCollapse In 3DSMax

Lean how to collapse a road in 3DS Max with this video tutorial by Kutbettin ECEVİT road collapse in 3DS Max road collapse in 3DS Max road collapse in 3DS Max...
shader fx fire in maya

Creating a Fire Effect in Maya LT with ShaderFX

Learn how to use ShaderFX to create a flip book-style fire effect efficient enough for mobile games, in Maya LT
raphael Lacoste

From Composition Sketch to Colour

Watch Raphael Lacoste, Assassin's Creed Brand Director, Creative Process, from sketch to colour in this special three parts making of. Raphael Lacoste will be one one of our speakers during IT'S ART Master...
Multipoint Perspective tracker

Multipoint Perspective tracker

Learn how to use Multipoint Perspective tracker to replace a logo when the camera is moving Multipoint Perspective tracker Multipoint Perspective tracker Multipoint...
red storm zbrush

Using Zbrush at Red Storm Entertainment

Ubisoft's US development studio, Red Storm Entertainment, the maker of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, shows us how they've used Zbrush to create weapons red storm...
ring of Fire

Making a Ring Fire

Matteo Migliorini teaches you how to create a ring of fire using 3DSMax, FumeFx and Nuke in this video tutorial ring of Fire ring of Fire ring of Fire ring of...
abstract geometry in Blender

Abstract Geometric Images in Blender

Learn how to create abstract geometric images in Blender, by using modifiers in a creative way on top of it with this new video tutorial by Olivier Villar Diz abstract...
elephant in Zbrush

Sculpting An Elephant in Zbrush

Isaac Oster,  character artist with 6 years professional experience in the game industry presents a new Zbrush video tutorial to learn how to sculpt an elephant with Zbrush. All References and Zbrush Files...
Creating Realistic Snow

Creating Realistic Snow in After Effects

Learn how to createrealistic snow in After Effects using Trapcode Particular. The tutorial covers: Creating Snow, Manipulating Wind, Forcing Motion Blur and Adding Depth of...