maya 2016

What’s new in Maya 2016

Learn what's new in Maya 2016 LT with these two new videos maya 2016 maya 2016 maya...
maya tiled

Mastering Tiled Textures in Maya

Learn how to tile textures in Maya from basics one to the most complex in this in depth video tutorial by Jeremy Fernsler Teaching Professor at Drexel University in the Animation and Visual Effects...
Rock Sculpting Tutorial

Rock Sculpting Tutorial

Dive into this in depth rock sculpting tutorial workflow for 3D Modeling in 3DCoat Voxels, ZBrush and Modo for Gaming and Film VFX You'll Learn : 1. Create Basic shape in 3DCoat using voxels primitives. 2....
Space Pyramid

Space Pyramid in Realflow

In this tutorial, Niall provides a step-by-step breakdown for his awesome Space Pyramid shot. Here you will learn how RealFlow is used alongside 
3ds Max,
After Effects 
modo rendering

Architectural Modeling with Modo

In this video in depth tutorial from Yazan Malkosh, we explain detailed techniques for creating compelling day and night shots of a contemporary interior living space using...
Instancies painting C4D

Cinema 4D R16 Instancies Painting

Learn the two different ways to distribute instancies on an object on a surface in Cinema 4D with this funny video tutorial by Pavel Zoch Instancies painting C4D...
Fold Objects

Fold Objects in Cinema 4D

Learn how to easily fold objects using joints & pose morph tag in Cinema 4D in this video tutorial by EJ Hassenfratz Fold Objects Fold Objects Fold Objects Fold...
blender grungy metal

Making a Grungy Metal Material

Learn how to make a Grungy Metal Material with this new Blender video tutorial by Gleb Alexandrov blender grungy metal blender grungy metal blender grungy metal...
multipass C4D Vray

Multipass rendering in VrayForC4d

Learn the basics of  multipass rendering in VrayForC4d using its powerful multipass manager in this new video tutorial multipass C4D Vray multipass C4D Vray multipass...
phoenix mixing paints

Mixing Paints in Phoenix FX

Learn how to mix paints in 3DS max with Phoenix FD in this video tutorial by Michael McCarthy phoenix mixing paints phoenix mixing paints phoenix...
RealFlow DSpline Tutorial

RealFlow DSpline Tutorial

Learn how to create a water effect with this video tutorial by Freelance 3d generalist Besik Mzhavanadze RealFlow DSpline Tutorial RealFlow DSpline Tutorial RealFlow...
facial rig

Polishing Facial Animation in Maya

Jason Ryan presents how he polishes facial animation with one of iAnimate's latest character Angela. This is from a portion of his live 2 hour weekly demos at iAnimate.
exploring unified 3D space

Exploring unified 3D space with HitFilm 3 Pro

Learn how to create a realistic shot of a plane flying through clouds using the new unified 3D space in HitFilm 3 Pro. Try the free demo of HitFilm 3 Pro now!
maya tips

45 Maya Tips

Join Maya expert Daryl Obert for a special session where he will show you 45 tips and tricks in 45 minutes! maya tips maya tips maya tips maya...
Stabilize Videos with Blender

How to Stabilize Videos with Blender

Learn how to track points in a video, and use that information to compensate their movement in order to stabilize the video in Blender Stabilize Videos with Blender...
drawing Hiro and Baymax

Draw Hiro and Baymax

Learn how to draw Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6, with Jin Kim, character design supervisor at...
Thinking Particles Spline Path

Thinking Particles Spline Path

Learn how to make your Thinking Particles move using a Spline Path and manipulate some of the settings to get different results in this this Cinema 4D Tutorial by Pixldg