Stereo 3D Tracking

Stereo 3D Tracking in Mocha 4

Learn how to perform planar motion tracking on stereoscopic 3D and apply the resulting data in Nuke and After Effects. Stereo 3D Tracking...

Filling An Object With Clones in C4D

Learn how to fill an object with clones in Cinema 4D, without them intersecting in this new video tutorial by Greyscalegorilla FillObjectWithClones...
Animation in C4D

Animation Tips : Cinema 4D Timeline

EJ Hassenfratz presents some helpful functions, features, and shortcut keys to allow you to be more efficient when animating and working in the timeline in Cinema. Animation...
Improving your 3D renders in Photoshop

Improving 3D renders with Photoshop

Learn how to improve your 3D renders with Photoshop with this in depth video tutorial by FlippedNormals, using Brightness/Contrast
, Color Balance
, Black & White Layer for checking your values
The Realflow Cinema 4D Pipeline

The Realflow Cinema 4D Pipeline

RealFlow Expert Thomas Schlick talks us through the following: 

 - The difference between the connectivity plugins and the RFRK 
- Basic import features & file formats of the connectivity...

Introduction to Colorway

COLORWAY is an application created by the Foundry, that aids creativity and focuses the decision making process, recognizing that a team of people involved in making design decisions have different goals and...
Alien Planet

Creating an Alien Planet

Learn how to build an Alien like looking surface in this new video tutorial by Ben Watts including the project files Alien Planet Alien Planet Alien...
Brain Pattern particle flow 2

Creating a Brain Pattern with Particle Flow

Learn how to create a brain or a brain pattern on any kind of surface with particle flow in this new Video Tutorial by Particle Skull.  You can download the Brain Base Mesh and the Final Scene...
Creating UV maps with BodyPaint

Creating UV maps with BodyPaint

Learn how to create UV maps with BodyPaint in this video tutorial by The Rusted Pixel including the files available for download here Creating UV maps with BodyPaint...
Fracture and Destroy 3D in C4D

Fracture and Destroy Objects in Cinema 4D

Learn how to fracture 3D objects and buildings using Thraussi and destroy, implode, or knock over buildings using dynamics in Cinema 4D with this video tutorial by Sean...
Displacement for fragmentation

Displacement For Fragmentation

Learn how to use Thinkbox's Genome and VRay(optional) to add displacement to fragmentation simulations in this video tutorial by Bottleship VFX
VRayforC4D 1.9

Whats New in VRayforC4D 1.9

Learn whats New in VRay for Cinema 4D 1.9 in this video tutorial by Josef Bsharah VRayforC4D 1.9 VRayforC4D 1.9 VRayforC4D...
mocha 4

What’s new in Mocha 4

Learn what's new in Mocha 4 including, new features as 3D Remove, Rotoscoping Tracking and Integration with Premiere Pro...
Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0

Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 Tutorial

Dominik from Curse Studio presents a new Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 video tutorial including the scene file Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 Cinema 4D /...