blur studios

Blur Studio Animation Reel

Blur Studio presents their latest animation reel focusing on game trailers blur studios blur studios blur studios blur studios blur studios blur studios ...
Making Maleficent

Designing Disney’s Maleficent Characters

Learn how how Digital Domain facial movement experts, have worked to re-create realistic digital fairies. Making Maleficent Making Maleficent Making Maleficent Making Maleficent Making Malefic...

Pixar Renderman Free Non-Commercial Use

Pixar Animation Studios Announces Monumental Innovations In Film Rendering Advanced Global Illumination, New Pricing, Free Non-Commercial Use EMERYVILLE, CA – (May 29th, 2014) Representing years of research and development, Pixar Animation Studios to...
Timothy Hoffman

Timothy Hoffman VFX Reel

Senior Look Dev/Lighting technical director Timothy Hoffman presents a selection a VFx Shots he's worked on in his latest reel Timothy Hoffman Timothy Hoffman Timothy Hoffman Timothy Hoffman Timothy Hoffman ...
Matt Derksen

Matt Derksen : Voodoo Rigging Demonstration

Rhythm Rigging Supervisor Matt Derksen show real time rigging of creatures in the proprietary software Voodoo. Learn more about Voodoo framework on the official page ...
3D Scan by Photogrammetry

Art & Science of 3D Scan by Photogrammetry

Kwai Bun, founder and director of ManyMany Creations Ltd. & Quantum Matrix Ltd., present how he''s assembled his own rig installation from scratch, and showcasing tons of beautifully presented 3D scanning results for various talents.
Iron Man 3 VFX Breakdown

Iron Man 3 VFX Breakdown

Check this previously unreleased VFX Breakdown made for Iron Man 3 by Digital Domain. Watch more Iron Man 3 VFX Breakdown on IT'S ART here Iron Man 3 VFX B...
Making of Zukunft

Making of Zukunkft

Rodeo Fx presents a making of their latest commercial for Volkswagen, Zukunft Making of Commercial Making of Zukunft Making of...
LasseMaja VFX Breakdown

LasseMaja breakdown

Mad Crew presents a breakdown of some of the shots done for LasseMaja Stella Nostra amongst a total of 3.650 visual effects shots. LasseMaja VFX Breakdown LasseMaja VFX Breakdown LasseMaja VFX Breakdown LasseMaja V...
Making Droid from Elysium

Rendering the Exploding Droid from Elysium

ImagineEngine presents how they've used Gaffer, an open source software from Image Engine, Exploring and rendering the exploding Droid from Elysium, a 2 million polygons and 150 gb of textures models. Cortex is an open source project initiated by Image Engi...
edge of tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow : 13 Minutes Preview

Watch an exclusive inside look at Edge of Tomorrow, in this special 13 minutes preview including behind the scenes footage edge of tomorrow edge of tomorrow edge of tom...
Project 2501

Project 2501 : Homage To Ghost in The Shell

Project 2501 is a respectful homage to Shirow Masamune’s manga and Mamoru Oshii’s seminal film “Ghost in the Shell”, a modernized direction by Ash Thorp that still tries to stays true to the original creator’s vision. ...
Making of Nitro Nation

Making of Nitro Nation

Platige Image presents a new priceless VFX Breakdown done for Nitro Nation mobile game cinematic created for Creative Mobile. Watch more Platige Image videos and articles on IT'S ART Making of
godzilla vfx

Making of Godzilla – Breakdown Preview

Enjoy this first preview of MPC VFX Breakdown for Godzilla. Interview and details coming on IT'S ART. godzilla vfx godzilla vfx godzilla vfx godzilla vfx...
Snappers Facial Rig

Snappers Facial Rig

Snappers Tech presents a demo of their Facial Rig for Maya, 3dsMax, dx11 or Cg skin shader with multiple wrinkles maps + Rig Manager to handle selection and to create/save poses Snappers ...
Real-time Visualization for VFX

Real-time Visualization for VFX

Damien Fagnou from MPC shares some examples of the scale and complexity experienced at MPC and how they, with high end GPUs, use Nvidia's OptiX framework and Fabric Engine. Real-time Visualization for VFX Real-time Visual...
i Frankenstein VFX

I, Frankenstein : Making Of

Australian company Cutting Edge presents an in depth making of the VFX made for I, Frankenstein i Frankenstein VFX i Frankenstein VFX i Frankenstein VFX i Frankenst...
Edge Of Tomorrow

Making of Edge of Tomorrow

Have a first look at Edge of Tomorrow in this special behind the scenes video 4 Minutes Preview