Check out this trailer for the EA IGNITE Engine featuring video games like FIFA, UFC

Ignite Engine :

Campaign 2013 :


Executive Producer: Lexi Stearn

Head of Production: Jenny Bright
Creative Director: Ross Denner
Producer: Diana De Vries
Supervisor: Ross Denner
Animation: JD Fievet, Tyler Lancsater, Alejandro Castro, Samir Patel, Ruel Smith, Rigging Ian Wilson, Andrew Lema
Lighting: Fred Durand, William Schilthuis, Jon Balcone, Kenny Jackson, Sanjay Chand, Greg Gangemi, Tim Kafka
Environments: Nathaniel Morgan, Stefano Farci, Hui Bui
FX: John Cherniack, Matt Johnson, Bryan Cox, Yas Koyama
Massive: Amrik Walia, Hayley O’Neill
2D Compositing: Benoit Mannequin Flame, Elliott Brennan Nuke, Clement Renaudin Nuke, Lisa Ryan Nuke

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