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    So here is my third WIP, i added color to the model so im about half way there ;)
    I’m really looking forward to see every ones work :D

    the image is pretty Gory!

    1. WIP_031


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    We can post the WIPs and the final work here ? I’m probably stupid (^^) but i dont find the ‘Last of Us’ Category in CG Gallery…

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    Is only allowed hyperrealism or other illustrative technique?

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    Hi and Hello,
    I´m not in the challenge, but its cool what your ideas are. I love some of the painted works, they are looking very typical for the “The last of us”-Story. Very cool. hope to see more.

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    Sorry for the previous post i found the category ^^’

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    You Can use any technic as far as it’s cg…

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    Starting to put in some of the values

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    Hi Guys,
    realy cool challange looking Forward to see the final resolut so many cool idears. Here is my Zbrush sculpt hope you like it. If I have enough time i will put him in some kind of spoky enviroment :-D

    1. pose_v001


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    @PLeasure really cool sculpt man, I am also doing a Clicker but im doing a bust ;) I want to see it polypainted!

    Hi everybody here is the environment i plan on placing my sculpt on, Again any advice or critique is welcome :)

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    Ups image was to big :S

    here it is!

    1. WIP_04


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    Working on the flamethrower. Done with most of the high poly in 3ds max. Its time for some zbrushing now.. :)

    1. wip1


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    Hey there, my name is David (aka Mr. kopfstoff). A friend of mine made me aware of this contest since he knows of my obssession with “The Last of Us”; however, I don’t own the game just yet (I ordered the “Survival Edition” from a retailer in the US on June the 3rd, it’s held at customs for almost a month now). So just to make this clear, I don’t know anything about the game except for how the world from “The Last of Us” works – oh yeah, and I watched the intro sequence.

    I always wanted to create a piece of fan art for the game and was quite disappointed to have missed the official contest a few months ago. I never thought that there would be another one, which is why I would like to send a big thanks to the “IT’S ART” team and “grey”, the guy who notified me about the contest. ;)

    The piece:

    I started on wednesday morning right after I bookmarked this page and worked on this piece until today. As you will be able to tell from the very first sketches I’ll post down below this text I didn’t stick with my first draft: at first, I wanted to show that Joel and Elli aren’t the last of us. That there are more like them out there, but maybe to afraid to show themself. To quite literally illustrate this, I first went with another tall guy and small girl, hiding in the shadows with Elli and Joel in the foreground. However, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the outcome. Even after altering the pose and gestures, resizing the canvas and so on, the picture simply remained too crowded and the message which I wanted to convey got lost.

    My final sketch and the final idea for the piece:

    The image is called “A new Daddy” and as you can see down below, the man was replaced by two boys. Joel and Elli reflect in the dirty window, with Elli turning her head to see if she really just heard something or only imagined it… the three kids just spotted the two protagonists and the one in the middle appears to have made some noise which I guess upset his two friends a bit. :D

    I imagined, what if there are more kids without shelter, without refuge in this doomed world, surviving because they work together, by forming bands and gangs (complete with leaders and members) and because they are quick and clever. A bit like the girl from “Aliens” maybe… would they want to have their own personal Joel? Especially after watching him taking care of Elli and protecting her with his life?

    I really put alot of love into this piece and, of course, I hope that this contest turns out well for me… so good luck to everyone, can’t wait to see that cg art coming!

    Since a lot of you guys wanted me to comment on ->

    @tapuklok: That scene made me cry the first time i saw it… even now after watching it several times I still get wet eyes from it. Great interpretation, especially since he see’s her alive and happy in his memory!

    @lker Yüksel: Love the wip, can’t wait to see the finished piece! Great angle.

    @nathaliagomes: Same for you, can’t wait to see this one finished. :)

    @Hugueinch: I love the background rendering, especially since it really fits the pose of the bust! His neck is maybe a tad too long, but otherwise it looks great so far! :)

    @PLeasure: Great sculpt! I like how true to the original concepts your work is! Will he receive some clothing as well? I am looking forward to the final outcome!

    @ansh.0488: I like that flamethrower! It looks pretty neat already.

    edit: Since I can only upload a mere four images in a single post, I am going to upload the other images in the next one.

    1. sketch_004


    2. sketch_003


    3. sketch_002


    4. sketch_001


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    Here are the next couple of wips and the final artwork. It’s 04:39 a.m. over here so I am going to hit the hay now but I am going to post some detail shots later today.

    I really hope you like the finished piece, until then, have a good one. :)

    edit: Images too big, link to png ->

    1. sketch_016


    2. sketch_wips_small_low


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    So here is my entry,




    and the final entry is:

    It is rendered in UDK. All propes are made by me (foliage is UDK’s)
    hope you like it

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    and can someone help me? i’m new around here, how to post in TLOU group in CG GALLERY ?

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