We are proud to share with you this interview with the award winning FX TD (Technical Director) currently working in the studio “Incendii VFX” located in New Orleans, Anselm von Seherr-Thoss . Anselm’s works is featured in blockbusters like Avatar, G.I. Joe, The A-Team, 21 Jump Street and also a lot of commercials and music videos.

Hi Anselm. Could you describe your background?

Hi It’s ART readers ! My name is Anselm von Seherr-Thoss. My background is a classic fine art degree I made in 2004 in my home town Hannover/Germany. I do not use much of the obtained knowledge anymore since I moved away from art to vfx but it gave a good base for color management and compositing in general. Also a great foundation in Adobe Photoshop and After Effect.

You were willing to be involved in the video games industry first. Why did you change your mind from following your initial way?

Well not video games per se. I started as an intern at a small company that did everything from music videos over visualisation to video game assets. Since I didn’t know anything about 3dsmax I could at least help out with texture painting in bodypaint and PS (Photoshop) or compositing in AE (After Effect). While there I was taught Vray and so I could help out on multiple fronts. At a small shop (-10 people) everybody does kinda everything. When one of the artists brought Allan McKay’s first advanced visual effects DVD to work I consumed it in no time and knew that’s what I wanna get good at and do. That was around late 2006.

Do you always play video games even today? What was the last one?

I do if time allows ! Last one, I finished was RAGE. Amazing game. It’s usually FPS that I play because they are easy to turn down. I don’t have time to evolve a character in let’s say Skyrim anymore. I still enjoy playing video games a lot though !

You formerly worked at Frantic Film (Prime Focus today). How did you get there and what were you employed for?

In 2007, I was on the beta of Krakatoa back then still living in Germany and was freelancing a lot all over the place, Pixomondo, Mackevision, you name it. Already interacting with Frantic Films during beta testing I was offered a job. They wanted me in their Canada offices but I asked to join their Hollywood/LA office… where I then worked for 2 years on staff. When Prime Focus tried to force me to Vancouver since I was in the US on a visa I quit 48 hours later!

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