We are proud to share with you this interview with a talented FX Artist, Vasilis Antipas. Actually, Vasilis worked for very well known companies such as Pixomondo, Celluloid or Ixor. He is currently working for Iloura in Australia.

Hi Vasilis. I’m glad you accepted to make this interview. Could you describe your background as a CG / FX Artist?


Hi everyone! My name is Vasilis Antipas. I’m from Athens, Greece. My background starts back in 2005. I graduated with a Bachelor in graphic design from Art & Design University that is located in Athens, Greece. When I watched a movie, I always admired their visual effects, that brought me to the idea of taking a course in 3D at the same university. That course was 6 months long and ended with the certificate of a Master in 3D.Actually, it wasn’t more than a simple introduction to 3DsMax. Nowadays, it helps for visa purposes to work at companies outside of Europe. Basically, I learned mostly with a lot of self-study, during the projects that I had at work and from the great online CG community.


What’s your favorite movie?

For sure I cannot name only one :) Of-course many of the old time classics like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Back to the Future, Seven, Fight Club. From the new ones, I can name Lord Of The Rings, Transformers, The Planet of Apes, Avatar, Red Tails, Hugo, Battleship and the list keeps going. Actually I enjoy watching any movie with nice cinematography and an interesting script. Also, great inspirations for me are the collection of short films, that are located on Vimeo, like “Holi”.

How did you get into the industry?

During the 3D course at the university, I started an internship for a post-production studio based in Athens. My role there was to model CG elements for TVC’s in 3DsMax. In 2007 I got an interesting offer to work at the vfx studio, IxorVFX, which is located in Athens, Greece. At that company, I started as modeler for architectural visualizations using 3DsMax. I got introduced to Vray and from then on my role was mostly shading and lighting in order to create photorealistic renderings for TVC’s and architectural projects.

What attracted you with visual effects?

When I watched the projects at IxorVFX that included FX, I got interesting in it. I was looking over the shoulder of the FX artists and immediately I wanted to be part of the FX projects as well. From then on, I knew in what I wanted to be specialized in and I started studying more in that field by reading the manuals, inspiring from the CG websites and forums and by watching related tutorials after work.

One of my first FX projects. I was responsible for the simulation and the rendering of the CG Fire

Could you describe your work? I mean what do you do exactly?

I started as CG generalist and not specifically as a VFX Artist. That gives me a broad general understanding of the programs that I’m using. In that way I’m not only able to create the effects itself, but also to adjust any element that is needed to. My work includes particles, fluid & liquid
simulations and rigid bodies. I’m creating the shaders and the lighting for the FX shots that I’m working and also I’m making the final comp or pre-comps, depending on the project pipeline.

RnD for a TVC

Could you talk a bit about your workflow?

The first thing that I’m doing is to search for references based on the project’s concept and storyboard. Then I’m discussing with the client the material that I have already collected in order to begin RnD for the project. I keep the client regularly up to date, presenting my latest previews in order to get feedback.

My role for that project was to create CG liquid explosions coming behind the bottle.
RealFlow was definitely the best solution for that project! This TVC is included to RealFlow reel 2012.

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