We’re really happy to celebrate IT’S ART 8th birthday ! Yes 8 years ago I start the very first page of IT’S ART. As most of you probably know, IT’S ART has started as a PDF Magazine. During 13 issues, I’ve interviewed some artists that today are considered as the best in the industry, Michael Kutsche, Philip Straub, Till Nowak, Marek Okon, Raphaël Lacoste, to name a few.

Sadly, IT’S ART Magazine as a PDF Magazine is now part of the history, but the end of the Magazine has helped me to focus on the development of the Website. A first makeover has happened last year when Sébastien Tafani and Isis Sousa have joined IT’S ART and help me to start new section.

In few weeks, we will unveiled a brand new free service for artist but right now I wanted to celebrate this special day and I offer to all IT’S ART Members a way to download part of IT’S ART and CG history. If you’re a registred member ( free or paid ) you can download all four latest IT’S ART magazine issues for free here : Link

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Patrice Leymarie – IT’S ART Founder