After the surprising and  enigmatic trailer for Quantum Break unveiled at E3, Remedy Games presents a stunning making of the game.

Making of

E3 Trailer


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  • K-VFX

    Cool one.

    Just off topic here.. The new features on the front page are not as impactful as the original banner sized one.

    Having been a daily visitor on itsartmag, I feel this new feature area update takes a big part of what makes viewing new posts more effective.

    Small thumbs don’t feel as strong.

    • eightgr


      I’m trying to find a good balance between IT’S ART posts and users posts on the Home Page and after some A/B testing I’ll pick the best :-) Thanks for your comment anyway !

      • ADoA

        Hello. Since someone’s grabbed your attention, you may also want to consider doing something about the Related Posts window that automatically pops up when scrolling to the bottom of the page. I cannot stress how distracting and annoying it is to have what you’re trying to see be covered automatically by this pop-up every single time.

        • eightgr


          I’ve changed the settings and now should not pop before the really end of the page

          • ADoA

            Must appreciated. We’ll see how it turns out.