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The talents of Dr. CM Wong, the founder Opus Artz, are so diverse it is difficult to know where to start in describing them. Not only is Dr. Wong a trained medical doctor, he is a talented artist and the multitasking director of a group of many more talented artists. Established in 2007, Opus Artz provides clients with everything they need to get their game or film out to the public. You could call it a “one stop shop” where a game developer or film studio can have their concept art developed and supported with branding, packaging and marketing materials. And all of this is provided with the highest quality of artistry and professionalism. I’ll let Dr. Wong explain the rest.

IA: Could you provide us with some background information about your studio?

CM Wong: Opus Artz was established to provide a concentrated creative resource of the highest caliber to the entertainment industry. We believe in cultivating collaborative relationships with those that we work with and commit to sustaining creative excellence. Art and design is our passion and our core team is comprised of talented individuals who are outstanding in their own respective fields.

My partner in Opus Artz and in life is Lisa Tse. She is our executive director and heads our design and business activities. Lisa already runs an established signature design and branding agency in central London and oversees creative direction for multiple enterprises around the world.

Our vision for Opus Artz is to provide a unique service that offers art, design and branding for the entertainment industry.  This integrated approach will deliver more effective results.  In essence a game developer or film studio could approach us to develop concept art and support the development with branding, packaging and marketing materials to promote titles which can all be completed in house rather than outsourced to different firms where the finer details can be lost in communication.

Our lead artist and long time collaborator on various projects is Kim Taylor who is a film industry veteran. His versatile skill set and experience ranges from matte painting, concept, design, texturing and illustration. He has most recently worked as lead matte painter and concept artist on Terry Pratchett's “Color of Magic,” Sky One's “Hogfather,” “The Golden Compass” and some other major industry titles.

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