Discover how the Disney team has bring to life Paperman characters in their new animated short that will be played in front of Wreck-it-Ralph.

See Also : The Making of Paperman presented by  John Kahrs

[jwplayer config=”Myplayer”  mediaid=”3677″]

Full short available here



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  • BoroD

    I’m eager to see such new technologies. I haven’t been so much into disney’s movies lately and hope that this one will change my mind.

  • Someone

    I’ve been waiting for something like this since forever… Disney, don’t le me down on this one.

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  • pjthelogan

    Disney is just a monster of innovation!

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  • name

    woops you accidentally improved animation forever

  • Alex Nautilus

    Engineers trying to substitute artists. Beautiful, but sad.

    • Adam Ryland

      CG animators are artists.

      • Animatorius

        they are performers a lot and quite a bit artists

    • Celendus

      Engineers trying to substitute for Korean animation sweatshops. Artists still draw all of the keyframes, and drawing all of the intermediate frames has always been terrible drudgery.

      • Nick K

        Are you saying this is just a substitute for manual inbetweening? Because it isn’t. This whole thing is basically a very elaborate way of tracing over a 3D model, that’s the only thing the artists do.

        And it becomes very obvious in the end result. The male character, especially, just looks like a CG animated character with some toon-shaders on top (the female character fares a bit better, but still).

        I don’t know what they’re even trying to do here. If they’re trying to save on labor, why not just use an auto-tweening application? At least you wouldn’t get the 3D polygon look.

        • Violet

          And I’m not sure what you’re even trying to say. The end result is gorgeous, and they saved quite a bit of labor too, so what is there to complain about? If you don’t like the look of it, I think you might be in the minority.

    • pi

      totally sad :/

    • MapDark

      CG animators are still artists.

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  • name

    Why not just do it all hand drawn 2D animation? They have the talent to do it. This just seems so backwards and a huge load of effort. It’s a marvel technology-wise, but why not do the real thing it’s mimicking? It’s a short animation too, so it would have been great to execute the beauty of hand drawn animation. Too bad :(

    • kl

      why draw all the frames? Inbetweener has always been a hard annoying, ungratefull, long and uncreative task. The talent is and creativity remains where they alwayx were : in the hands of animators.

    • eee

      it’s because disney’s animated shorts show new technology/innovation that will be used to the next feature film. it has always been that way. i remember before up came out, there was a disney short “partly cloudy” (which was shown in “the incredibles” i believe) where the technology used on the clouds was the ones used in UP.

      • Andrew Rowland

        Partly Cloudy was shown before UP. But that was Pixar. I dont know Disney for doing this, but it`s possible.

    • Andrew Rowland

      It`s not just 2D, but a 2D 3D blend. the 3D elements wouldnt blend as well if it were all 2D, and let`s see the short before judging more.

    • Jason Ronzani

      Agreed. They are cutting out the art of animation which is an illusion of motion. Not a computerized simulation of motion. This piece is in purgatory somewhere between bad cell-shaded cgi animation and good 2D animation. I really hope this process doesn’t catch on because as you said it is just backwords. It’s trying to give 3D a hand made feel, but it’s also giving 2D a computerized feel. We will see how people respond to it. Although I’m guessing most probably won’t even be able to tell the difference it will catch on like wild fire and burn down the whole industry (worst case scenario).

      • Alex Kleinschmidt

        There is no “simulation” involved. Good 3D animation still involves precise artistic and technical interpretation of every single frame. The only difference is that the characters don’t have to be drawn on a production line – they can be animated fluidly by a single artist. Additionally, the illusion of motion still relies on persistence of vision just as hand-drawn animation does, and is thus still an illusion.

        [I have a Bachelor’s degree as well as real-world experience in animation and am pursuing a Master’s then Ph.D. in the field.]

    • Shawn Dolen

      Can you do basic arithmetic? If you can, you can figure why people don’t want to hand draw a 24 fps 90 minute feature as the costs are extraordinary.

    • TorQueMoD

      The reason this is so amazing is because it speeds up the artists’ workflow an incredible amount and as they say, time is money. In a typical 2D animation, you have 24 frames per second. Usually in cartoons they drop it down to 12 and just double every frame. That means for every minute of footage you have 720 frames all drawn by hand. Now imagine that it takes a talented disney ink artist (not drawing the whole scene just inking it) 20 minutes to ink a single frame (they’d have to be super human but humour me) that would translate to 240 hours of work just for one minute of footage. Now lets say this Disney artist is paid $40/hr (they probably make more) that translates to $9,600 to pay them to draw 1 minute of footage.

      Now take a look at this new system. The end result is something that is almost indistinguishable from traditional 2D animation. In fact I’d bet that if they didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t have known. Now instead of taking 240 hours to ink 1 minute of footage you’re down to 40 hours because you only have to ink the first and the last frames (20 mins per frame x 120 frames) and then the computer processes the in between frames. That translates to $1,600 that disney has to pay this inker instead of $9,600. Now you know why they don’t do it all by hand. Its not talent, its money and time.

  • pi

    3d cheat mode. blah, not cool -_-‘

    • hank1337


  • Alexander Jarrett

    I agree on all who are positive on the work of this film. I think it looks quite promising and could become a new generation in animation.

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  • Paco

    This technology is so freaking good it blew my mind, what the hell is this technology! My mind exploded! I want to teal this stuff! Sharing this with my animation student friends!

  • Mark Penrice

    So it’s like rotoscoping… and/or cel shading… and it’s a drawn Disney film post-mid-90s…

    But yet, the result doesn’t suck? What trickery is this?

    Y U make so many good things I have to wait and then go see in cinema? 😀

    • Giraffe

      The reason is that it is actually nothing like rotoscoping. It still is proper animation. Just 3d animation with postwork.

  • Spaceboots

    Neat for small studios and projects, but I would expect more from a full feature a Disney full feature.

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  • Emily Erickson

    As i was watching this FANTASTIC short I couldn’t help but notice that many of the facial features, reactions and expressions the woman had were similar to the expressions of Ariel, The Little Mermaid. Did anyone else notice that?

    • Joshua Yong

      That’s because the guy who designed Ariel, Glen Kean, was responsible for the design of the characters.

  • Priya

    This is absolutely STUNNING!!! I saw Paperman for the first time yesterday and I can’t get it out of my head. Please let this be the future of animation!!! I am a 3D animator and miss the look of traditional art in films these days and this is a combination of the two. Brilliant!! I can’t wait to see whats next!

  • Emily

    This short was adorable, it was wonderfully done i loved it!!

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  • JDK88

    I just see this as CGI trying to imitate the superior style of animation. Nothing to worry about.

  • LaLaBlondeanimewolf

    I Love this so much! somoene please release this animation so everyone can enjoy the beauty and spectacular crafts manship of this! :) I love you Disney keep imagining amazing dreams for us to watch and keep making us smile with your creations!!!

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  • name

    This short was amazing!!

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  • Justthisguy

    I, for one, welcome this 3D wizardry.

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  • TheWakeUpCall

    The style is so beautiful.

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  • sas

    its a kind of parametric approach. you have more freedom for variation i guess?

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  • Hazelz Eyes

    Great Work as expected!

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  • Aaron Clement

    I have high hopes for this one.

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