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Modern magician, unique poet who combines the most original ideas to the most dreamlike images, Hayao Miyazaki finally returns, and offers us one of these deeply moving fables in which he has the secret with Ponyo on the Cliff, his next full-length film.


Small, five-year-old Sosuke lives in a village built at the top of a cliff which overhangs the Inner Sea. One beautiful morning, while playing on the beach below, he discovers a little girl goldfish named Ponyo, trapped in a jar. Sosuke saves her and decides to keep her with him in a bucket.

Ponyo is fascinated by Sosuke as he is by her. The little boy promises to protect her and to take care of her, but Ponyo's father, Fujimoto, the formerly human wizard who lives at the bottom of the sea, forces her to return with him to the depths of the sea. Determined to become human, Ponyo escapes to find Sosuke. But before fleeing, she spreads Fujimoto's magic elixir, the Water of the Life, in the ocean. The sea level rises, and Ponyo's sisters are transformed into gigantic waves which reach up to Sosuke's house on the cliff, and floods the village...

Ponyo on the Cliff, the crossing of the generations

During his meeting with Toshio Suski, Ghibli studio producer, Hayao Miyazaki tells him: "I have reached an age where I can count on my fingers the years I have left to live. Soon, I shall find my mother. What am I going to say to her when this time comes?" It is this question which initiated the creation and all the work which carried out with Ponyo on the Cliff.

Toshio Suski tells: "There is a scene in the film of finding one another; of course they are not the ones Hayao had spoken to me about. We do not see it in the film either, but through a little five-year-old boy, Sosuke, he finds an old lady whom he seems to know well. I won't reveal to you what they say to each other. I ask you simply to watch the film, and to enjoy it... »