Making a Car Crash

Making a Car Crash

Sergey Movchan presents a breakdown of his Car Crash Sequence in this in depth subtitled video tutorial   Making a Car Crash Making a Car Crash Making a Car Cras...
V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max

V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max

An overview of what's new in V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max, including VR, 3ds Max 2016 compatibility, and many enhancements to V-Ray RT GPU rendering. V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max V-Ray 3....
road collapse in 3DS Max

RoadCollapse In 3DSMax

Lean how to collapse a road in 3DS Max with this video tutorial by Kutbettin ECEVİT road collapse in 3DS Max road collapse in 3DS Max road collapse in 3DS Max roa...
Modeling Mi-24 helicopter

Modeling a Mi-24 Helicopter

Visual effects artist Andre Cantarel presents an in depth video tutorial showing his process to model a Mi-24 Helicopter with 3D Max. Check the first parts about UVs https://vime...
Audemars Piguet Commercial_3

Audemars Piguet commercial + breakdown

Le Truc just released a very nice commercial for their client Audemars Piguet introducing the one of their luxury watch. They also shared a very nice breakdown of the process. Commercial
Attraction in 3DS Max

3DS Max Attraction

Learn how to imitate the C4D Mograph style by creating some attraction in 3DS Max 2014 in this video tutorial by Johannes Tiner ...
3DS Max Unity

3DS Max and Unity

Learn how to better work in 3D Max to create assets for Unity in this video tutorial by Autodesk Expert, Alex Horst ...

FumeFX 3.5 optimization techniques

In this 48 minutes video tutorial, Anselm von Seherr-Thoss will guide you through N-Sim, Effectors, Render Warps and Void source techniques that will help you optimize your simulations. Check it out : http:/...

Young Empires – FumeFX Fire Talk

Well Known FX TD, Allan McKay shares with us a really nice walk through of one of the many shots he worked on for a music video by Young Empires.

World of Tanks Breakdown

Graham Matthew Collier just share with us a terrific breakdown of a cinematic World of Tanks he worked on. Check it out : Watch the full cinematic here...

Collapsing building with ThinkingParticles

Kosolax just shared with the community this great R&D simulation of a collapsing building made thanks to TP and VolumeBreaker node. Check it out :

TP 5 – Dude Breaker

FX Artist, Anselm von Seherr-Thoss just released a great ThinkingParticles and Rayfire destruction rendered with Vray.

FumeFX Cloud R&D

CG Artist Joker Martini just uploaded a great cloud simulation made with FumeFX plugin for 3DSmax. Beautiful result, check it out.  ...

Spider Work

Cyrill Calbac, FX Artist, just uploaded a great R&D simulation starring a CG spider at work :

Clovis Gay Rigging & Tools Demoreel

French Technical Artist, Clovis Gay, currently working for Big Company, has recently uploaded his latest demoreel featuring Scripts and Plugins for 3Dmax and Rigging stuff. Check out his work : Rigging demor...

Clovis Gay’s Character Tools

Technical Artist, Clovis Gay currently working for Big Company just released a great new character tools with 3DSmax. More details : 1: easy character Creator (built for this production). 2: AutoBend IK/FK S...