TalkTalk: The Mission

The Mission follows the story of a doll, two fluffy bunny slippers, a garden gnome, a tin robot and a dog-lamp living an epic adventure for TalkTalk....
Nick Whitmire

Nick Whitmire Animation Reel 2014

Nick Whitmire presents his new animation reel featuring his latest work at Blur Studio Nick Whitmire Nick...

Popeye : Animation

Genndy Tartakovsky presents a funny animation test made for Popeye at Sony Pictures...
Finding your magic is an inside Job

Finding your magic is an inside Job

Finding your magic is an inside Job, a beautiful tribute by Victor Hugo Queiroz to all CG artists made for Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn Festival. Will...
THU 2014

THU 2014 Opening Spot

Don't miss the beautiful animated spot by Techno Image for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014...


L3.0 is alone.  The streets of Paris have long since ceased resounding to the clamor of humanity and he is left to his own devices.  He spends...


Pixelhunters presents Life, an animated short movie about life and its battle of choices and roads to be taken in an unexpected way...
Dance Disco Baal

Fusion Dance Disco Baal

Have fun with Fusion Dance Disco Baal a funny animated promo by Arthur Metcalf from the mobile game 'Stress Baal'
mortal Breakup

Mortal Breakup

An angry girlfriend's infernal hunt of the man who broke her heart in Mortal Breakup a short movie by Gobelins students, Paula ASSADOURIAN, Marlène...
Graham Cunningham

Graham Cunningham Reel

Graham Cunningham , senior lighter and compositor at Blizzard present his impressive new demo reel featuring some breakdowns of famous Blizzard game...
It's Payback Time

It’s Payback Time

Independent production company, Nexus, presents a two minutes animated short created for Chanel 4, about a mysterious blue substance is leading to...
The Boxtrolls

Creating the Boxtrolls

Discover the art of Laika in this special video about the making of their new animated movie, The...
big hero 6

Big Hero 6 First Clip

Learn more about Baymax, in this first clip for new Disney animated movie, Big Hero...
vfx 101

VFX 101

Method Studios presents a funny short movie to explain what's VFX with the help of a whiteboard and a marker pen.


ChezEddy director Léo Verrier, presents Dripped, a short movie about art and creativity dripped dripped...
dante's redemption

Dante’s Redemption

Animator and director Tal Peleg presents an impressive fan fiction short based on Dante's Redemption universe