Panoptiqm Animals

Panoptiqm Animals Reel

The Panoptiqm team presents a new eye catching reel focusing on their work on CG Animals Panoptiqm Animals Panoptiqm Animals Panoptiqm Animals Panoptiqm Animals ...
making of a CG shoe

Making a CG Shoe

Learn how to make a CG Shoe with this in depth modeling and texturing video tutorial by Nicolas Brunet making of a CG shoe making of a CG shoe making of a CG shoe ma...
The Beast

Making of The Beast

Gian Luigi Granieri presents the making of The Beast, a CG creature designed for a commercial. The Beast The Beast The Beast The Beast...


With practically no budget, Argentine director and screenwriter  Gonzalo Gutierrez and a group of talented visual artists have managed to create this world-class sci fi trailer, Underland.
Realflow 2013

Realflow 2013 Tutorial

Learn everything about Realflow 2013 in this new series of tutorial covering Relationship editor, Hybrido2 workflow, and simulation options. http://www.youtu...

Unexpected Monsters Challenge

It's Art & View Conference - Unexpected Monsters Cg Challenge From September 11th to October 11th , IT'S ART and View Conference will start a new CG Challenge called  " Unexpected Monsters". IT'S ART...
The Last Of Us 3D Models

The Last Of Us 3D Models

Ready for some awesome and disgusting 3D models? Check the work of Naughty Games artists,  Mike Svymbersky and Michael Knowland made for the Last Of Us. More from The Last Of Us Concept art // Rigging and...

Tumbleweed Tango

Tumbleweed Tango is a short CG film telling the story of a balloon dog lost in a world of danger. One wrong step and his dancing days are done. Only love, and tango, can possibly save him. http://vimeo.c...

Toshiba – Bees Commercial

Watch this really great CG commercial made by LOGAN for their client Toshiba in order to promote their all-new KIRABook.
Trojan Horse

CG Challenge : Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

Lisbon, June 17th 2013 - Calling all artists. The very first Trojan Horse was a Unicorn CG Challenge is under way, entitled Fury’s Friend or Foe. The Prize? A full golden opportunity to visit us and accompa...
Source Light

A Source of Light

Dave Chenell presents, a source of light, a fan music video from The Naked and Famous + The Kids of 88 song.   ...
Maya to Mari

Maya to Mari Workflow

Peter Aversten, visual effects supervisor at fidofilm presents an overview of his working workflow from Maya to Mari , creating a CG Droid Preparing the Droid on Maya UV for Ma...


Animal presents new Spyder Brand Identity spot featuring a CG black widow character and some very nice grading. Click to Enlarge ...
Cinemark by Bluff VFX


Check this cute and charming animation from Bluff VFX for Cinemark Click to Enlarge ...


Splash is an impressive animated short by Paulo Wang using fluids in RealFlow with the help of After Effects and Cinema 4D Click to enlarge...


Thiago Lima presents a very eye catching CG animated short, playing with realism, phtography and architecture concepts. Note from the artist: "When I was just a kid, I´ve been painting some butterfly in a ni...
Granny O'Grimm

Replay : Granny O’Grimm’

Sometimes it's good to get back to the basics of an a good old fairy tale, and we love, at IT'S ART Mag. to feature some of the best  animated movie like Granny O'Grimm'.  Granny O'Grimm' is an Oscar listed sho...
What St. Louis Learned Last Year

What St. Louis Learned Last Year

Animation lovers, don't miss this "cadavre exquis" experiementation from St. Louis Egotist about "What they've Learned This Year."