rock goo

Sticky Goo Effect

Create a Rock and Slime effect in this in depth cinema 4D video tutorial by Chris Schmidt for Greayscale Gorilla Learn some techniques for making...
Making of Dreadnought

Making of Dreadnought Trailer

Manuel Casasola Merkle demonstrates how AixSponza utilized Cinema 4D Release 16 in the development of the E3 trailer for Yager’s Dreadnought...
Motion Tracker and Other VFX Time-Savers

Motion Tracker in Cinema 4D R16

Josh Johnson demonstrates the new Motion Tracker and Reflectance in Cinema 4D Release 16 and gives us some priceless VFX Time-Savers using...
The Realflow Cinema 4D Pipeline

The Realflow Cinema 4D Pipeline

RealFlow Expert Thomas Schlick talks us through the following: 

 - The difference between the connectivity plugins and the RFRK 
- Basic...
Alien Planet

Creating an Alien Planet

Learn how to build an Alien like looking surface in this new video tutorial by Ben Watts including the project...
Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0

Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 Tutorial

Dominik from Curse Studio presents a new Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 video tutorial including the scene file Cinema 4D /...
Fire To Smoke

Fire to Smoke in Cinema 4D

Learn how to create a fire to smoke transition in Cinema 4D using a matchstick model in this new video tutorial by Ben...
Intro to Krakatoa for CINEMA 4D

Intro to Krakatoa for Cinema 4D

Learn the basics of using Krakatoa for Cinema 4D with X-Particles in this 3 parts in depth video tutorial by Borislav "Bobo" Petrov of Thinkbox...
Applying Damage

Applying Damage in Cinema 4D

Ben Watts shows you how to create a versatile shader and how to apply damages using Cinema 4D's built in tools