Interview with Jonathan Freisler

IT'S ART is proud to share with you this interview with a really talented FX TD / Lead at Iloura, Jonathan Freisler. Hi Jonathan, I’m really glad to have this interview with you! Fir...
ProxyMesh for Fume Fx

FX ProxyMesh for FumeFx

Award winning director Allan McKay presents another priceless video tutorial to helps you to understand how to create proxy meshes for using with FumeFx. ...
Tutorial : Making an explosion

Making a large Scale Explosion

Learn how to make a large scale explosion with Rigel Bowen, using Max 2012, PFlow and FumeFx 3

FumeFX 3.5 optimization techniques

In this 48 minutes video tutorial, Anselm von Seherr-Thoss will guide you through N-Sim, Effectors, Render Warps and Void source techniques that will help you optimize your simulations. Check it out : http:/...

Explosions Everywhere

Well Known FX Artist  Anselm von Seherr-Thoss recently shared a couples of some explosions he made with FumeFX.

Planet Side 2 Breakdown

Blur Studio's CG Artists just released a beautiful breakdown of their cg work made for the amazing trailer of Planet Side 2. Here the full HD trailer : ...

R&D FumeFX Explosion

Deko.LT shares with us this great explosion made with FumeFX on 3DSMax. You can also download the full .max scene on turbosquid

The Haze

The studio MAKE made a stunning TV spot  for their client Lung Cancer Foundation of America. The  part was greatly executed thanks to Sitnisati's FumeFX plugin for AD's 3DSMax. The spot depicts a prima ballerin...

Saints Row Cinematic – Thruster FX Breakdown

FX TD Alex Halstead shares an additional breakdown of the Saints Row Cinematic. He gives more informations : The shot contains a large group of Jets driven by Thrusters around a building rooftop. The Jets were...

21 Jump Street – Limo Flip MAKING OF

The well known FX TD Anselm von Seherr-Thoss just shared with us a making of an explosion he made for 21 Jump Street the movie remake of the 80s tv show. Initial RnD involved deforming of the car as well. For ...

Explosion R&D

Daniel Broadway did a great explosion test with FumeFX ...