Making-of Marvel's Daredevil Title

Making-of Marvel’s Daredevil Main Title

Miguel A. Salek, responsible for fx dev-animation on Marvel's "Daredevil" Main Title presents a breakdown of his work on this iconic new TV Show ...
Ryan Bowden

Ryan Bowden FX Reel

Weta Digital artist, Ryan Bowden, presents a selection of shots he's worked on in his latest reel The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (Weta Digital) The Hobbit: Desolation of S...
the order 1886 fx

The Order 1886 FX Reel

Ready at Dawn team, Brian Merrill,
 Eric Cloutier,
 Sabra Goebel,
 Jamie Hayes and Orson Favrel present their works in two reels and a close up to the fire effets. https://vi...
Tuba Yalcin

Tuba Yalcin : FX TD ShowReel

Tuba Yalcin, FX Technical director artist working at Scanline VFX, presents her new showreel. Tuba Yalcin Tuba Yalcin Tuba Yalcin Tuba Yalcin Tuba Yalcin...
Phiphat Pinyosophon

Phiphat Pinyosophon

Freelance FX Artist Phiphat Pinyosophon presents his demo demo reel featuring works done at Blur Studio. Phiphat Pinyosophon Phiphat Pinyosophon Phiphat Pinyosophon ...
sebastien tafani

Sebastien Tafani FX Reel

Freelance FX artist, Sébastien Tafani presents his new 2015 FX Reel sebastien tafani sebastien tafani sebastien tafani sebastien tafani sebastien tafani...
Jae Hyun Yoo

Jae Hyun Yoo FX Reel

FX Artist Jae Hyun Yoo present a new FX reel showing some breakdowns of his on Frozen, Wreck-it-ralph and Kung Fu Panda Jae Hyun Yoo Jae Hyun Yoo Jae Hyun Yoo Jae ...
Agustin Schilling

Agustin Schilling VFX Reel

Agustin Schilling, VFX Lead at presents his new VFX and FX Reel. Agustin Schilling Agustin Schilling Agustin Schilling Agustin Schilling...

Godzilla TV Spot

Take a look at this new Godzilla TV Spot !   ...

Nitro Nation Trailer

Platige just released the trailer for the upcoming mobile game NitroNation. ...
MacPla Reel 1

MacPla FX Reel

Miquel A. Corominas Pla also known as MacPla released his latest fx reel featuring works made for the Ender's Game, NODO and many commercials. ...
Sergio Juan Gomez

Sergio Juan Gomez Fx Reel

Fx artist Sergio Juan Gomez presents his new FX reel featuring shots from Justin and the Knights of Valour Sergio Juan Gomez Sergio Juan Gomez Sergio Juan Gomez Ser...
Jupiter Ascending Trailer1

Jupiter Ascending Trailer

The upcoming sci fi movie Jupiter Ascending has a new trailer. ...

The Amazing Spiderman 2 TV Spot

Two days after the release of the international trailer, a new tv spot for The Amazing Spiderman 2 released. ...
Image Engine Reel 5

Image Engine Company Reel

Image Engine juste released their demoreel featuring works done for Now you see me, Elysium, White House Down and many others. ngi...
Andrei Riabovitchev

The Art Of Andrei Riabovitchev

Let's dive into the Art of Andrei Riabovitchev, a professional visual effects concept artist currently freelancing. His list of film projects include Wrath of The Titans, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:...

The Hobbit : Bringing Smaug to life

Weta Digital has released a new video detailing the huge work to create the epic dragon "Smaug" from the mocap performance of Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a mocap suit.
Justin and the Knight of valour

Damián López Montoya FX Reel

Damián López Montoya, Senior FX TD at Ilion Animation Studios, presents a breakdown of his work made for Justin and the Knight of Valour ...
Wayne Hollingsworth

Wayne Hollingsworth FX Reel 2013

Wayne Hollingsworth, Senior FX TD at Blur and teacher at the Gnomon just released his new demoreel featuring gigs made on Thor : the dark world, Elder Scroll game cinematic and Batman Origins cinematic. Check ...