making of Hisense Uled

Making of Hisense ULED

Ember Lab presents the making of their Hisense ULED project making of Hisense Uled making of Hisense Uled making of Hisense Uled...
Making of Bingle Chimpfall 2

Making of Bingle Chimpfall

Find out how the 100% CG chimp for Bingle Chimpfall was created by The Mill Making of Bingle Chimpfall Making of Bingle Chimpfall Making of Bingle Chimpfall...
Making of Däwit

Making of Däwit : Interview with David Jansen

The animated film “Däwit” tells a dreamily surreal story about the life of a boy. The violence in his parents’ marriage had a major impact on him when he was still very young. But he learned to put the...
making of how to train your dragon 2

The Making of How To Train Your Dragon 2

Whatever are you dreams as an artist you should watch this exclusive one hour long documentary about Oscar nominated animated movie, How to Train your Dragon 2. Where No One Goes, shows all the creative...
dawn of the planet of the apes

Making of Dawn of The Planet of The Apes

Weta Digital presents a special feature about the making of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes dawn of the planet...
igor vfx

Making of Lord of the Cable

CG visuals / 3D Animation & Visual Effects Services IXOR presents the making of Lord of the Cable TVC igor vfx igor vfx igor vfx...
oblique fx reel

ObliqueFX Reel

Montreal based VFX Studio, ObliqueFX, presents a selection of their latest works in this new Demoreel oblique fx reel oblique fx reel oblique fx reel oblique fx...
making of book of life

Making of Book of Life

Learn more about the making of book of life in this breakdown focusing on the rig and animation of Xibalba character.

Canal Plus Unicorn

Mikros image has decided to tackle the myth of the unicorn linking it to the episode of the Noah’s ark, with an unexpected turn of event where only male unicorns were saved, explaining how the species has...
making of Seventh Son

Making of Seventh Son

Discover the making of of one of Seventh Son shot in this special making of video of this movie directed by Sergueï Bodrov, inspired by The Wardstone Chronicles...

Making of Hiszpanka

Platige Image, one of It'S ART Master Classes '15 Speaker presents the making of Hiszpanka, one of the biggest VFX ventures in the history of Polish cinematography and the biggest one done by Platige so...
the Crew

Making of the Crew Launch Trailer

Unit Image presents the making of their latest Game Cinematic for The Crew Launch Trailer the Crew the Crew the Crew the...
making of strange magic

Making of Strange Magic by Lucasfilm Animation

Watch George Lucas at work in this behind the scenes video for Strange Magic, an animated movie directed by Gary Rydstrom, from a story by George Lucas inspired by A Midsummer Night's...
Making of Qatar National Day

Making of Qatar National Day

Miopa presents a making of "10 days of storm”, for Qatar National day Making of Qatar National Day Making of Qatar National Day...
Lego Movie Making Of

Bricks : The Making of Lego Movie

Learn more about the impressive work made by Animal Logic on the Lego Movie with this new special making of video
Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Opening

Making of Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Opening

Main Road Post presents a visual effects breakdown for the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Opening. Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Opening Winter...
Marco Polo

Making of Marco Polo Title Sequence

Mill+ co-director Ben Smith and co-director Bryce Wymer teamed up with Netflix to create the stunning title sequence for Marco Polo. Check the Making of just below Marco...