Advanced Rain with PFlow

Advanced Rain with PFlow

Alvaro from Particle Skull takes us through the initial steps of modelling and animation of the raindrops for Particle Flow and explore the creation of the system, optimization, speed tips, collisions and some ...

Rayman Legends – Dark Creatures Making Of

Mhamed Elmezoued, FX Supervisor at Nki, just released a making of the dark hairy creatures of the Rayman Legends Trailer he has done for the  Autodesk event : Meet the Experts Webinar Series 2014. In this video...

Create a Popcorn in 3Ds Max’s PFlow

Learn how to create Popcorn in 3Ds Max's PFlow with MassFx with this video tutorial including a downloadable models files here ...
Particle Flow in Max 2014

Particle Electricity in Max 2014

Discover with Khye Kading the new Data Operator in pflow now included in 3ds Max 2014 and learn how to create a particle electricity animation. htt...

Pete Draper Tutorials

Well Known CG /FX Artist Pete Drapper just updated his youtube channel posting a bunch of really nice tutorial on 3Dsmax including techniques and tips on procedural modeling  with modifiers, ligthning and rende...

Young Empires – FumeFX Fire Talk

Well Known FX TD, Allan McKay shares with us a really nice walk through of one of the many shots he worked on for a music video by Young Empires.

Kanye West – Cruel Summer Making Of

FX Artist and supervisor, Joel LeLièvre presents to us his latest work he made with B-Reel. Breakdown included. For that work he mainly used 3Dsmax, Zbrush, Xmesh, TP, Rayfire anf FumeFx Check it out : ...

Interactive Car Collision

Carlos Acevedo shares two r'nd physx simulation he made playing with car and collision on 3DSmax and Pflow Toolbox #2. Check out :

Planet Side 2 Cinematic Breakdowns

Matt Radford, FX Animator at Blur Studios, shares with us those two impressives breakdowns of the PlanetSide 2 video game cinematic trailer. As he precised, he didn't made the whole shot but he certainly helps ...

Saints Row Cinematic – Thruster FX Breakdown

FX TD Alex Halstead shares an additional breakdown of the Saints Row Cinematic. He gives more informations : The shot contains a large group of Jets driven by Thrusters around a building rooftop. The Jets were...

21 Jump Street – Limo Flip MAKING OF

The well known FX TD Anselm von Seherr-Thoss just shared with us a making of an explosion he made for 21 Jump Street the movie remake of the 80s tv show. Initial RnD involved deforming of the car as well. For ...

Basic LOD with Pflow Krakatoa & Frost

Johnny Random shares with us a Basic LOD setup using a simple box#3 data op to check the distance from an object. Then based on the distance percentage piping an integer into the MXSinteger channel for use with...