Video thumbnail for youtube video V-Ray RT for Softimage - Animation

V-Ray RT for Softimage

Want to see how V-Ray RT for Softimage looks like? Check this R&D demo v-ray rt ...
peel effect Ice

Peel Effect in Softimage Ice

Nika RAgua presents a new instructive video tutorial to learn how to make a peel effect in ICE. You can Download the final scene here   ...
fur ice

Fur stuff for ICE

Paul Smith presents the first release of his Ice Fur plugin available for download here ...

Making of Space Invaders in ICE

Sometimes you need to work on something completely different to learn new things, and here we're with the making of Space Invaders in ICE by Paul Smith
Donald Future

Creating Donald Future by Jose Manuel Linares Lopez

Dive into Jose Manuel Linares Lopez creative process in this first part of the making of his new illustration, Donald Future. Don't forget to check Jose Manuel Linares Portfolio on IT'S ART https://vimeo...
KineState Hack Tutorial

KineState Hack Tutorial

The Static KineState indicates that an envelope is applied to the skeleton element. The StaticKineState is the initial position of the skeleton when the envelope was applied, and is used for envelope calculatio...
corrective shapes

Corrective shapes in ICE

CGI and Stop Motion specialist and veteran artist, Paul Smith, presents an ICE technic to apply corrective shapes that blend in a neat linear fashion after the envelope. &nb...
Maya Softimage

ICE strands and Maya Paint Effects

Learn how Softimage ICE and Maya can collaborate in this video tutorial by Nika Rague, explaining how you can Drive Maya Paint Effects with Softimage ICE strands. ...
galaxy ICE

Making a Spiral Galaxy in ICE

Letterbox Animation Studios present three ways to create a spiral galaxy in Ice; using the built in Toric force, using an easy ICE calculation and using Julian Johnson's Dart Throwing
Wave in ICE

Wave and Wave Foam n ICE

Paul Smith has published a priceless ICE tutorial helping you to create a wave and foam in ICE  ...
Ice Rigging

ICE Deformer as a Rigging Solver

In this special video tutorial, TD Survival presents an Experiemental ICE setup for doing an arm roll that works for many revolutions without flipping. ...
ICE Gradient Weightmap Control

ICE Gradient Weightmap Control

Learn how to use ICE to control a weightmap gradient in this video turorial. See also : Softimage 2014 preview ...
Ice Crumb

Ice multistrand clumps

Nika Ragua shares a special tutorial on ICE to learn more about multistrand clumps. The project file can be download here  ...
softimage classroom

Softimage Introduction Classroom

Colin Brady has directed animation for studios like  Pixar, ILM, Pixomondo, Starz, Imagi, over the lest 20 years. Today Colin helps you to understand the fundamentals of Softimage in this first 4 parts of an in...

EmTopolizer Tutorial

Eric Mootz, developper of the well known Softimage plugin EmTopolizer, explains in this tutorial how to use and understand demoscenes given with EmTopolizer and particulary the interoperabylity of his EmTopoliz...
fur in Ice

Fur System in ICE

Paul smith gives you an  introduction to  make a start on a simple fur system in ICE

Particle Head

Amin CGI shares with us this great blowing particle head made thanks to Softimage and Arnold Render. Check out :

emPolygonizer4 4.01 Tutorial

Eric Mootz shares with us this great tutorial on the Softimage plugin emPolygonizer4. The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: starting at 00:00 > "The new texture coordin...