Ground Split tutorial

Raj Pakhare shares  this two parts tutorial showing the techniques to split the ground using Max and Thinking Particles

Map Transfer free tool for Thinking Particles 5

AndVFX  also known under the name of Eloi Andaluz just released a new free Thinking Particles 5 tool called Map Transfer. Map Transfer is a toolbox for Thinking Particles to speed up animations with...

Ash Decay with ThinkingParticles

FX Artist, Will Wallace just released this priceless first part tutorial on a sphere turning to ashes made with ThinkingParticles and Rayfire for...

TP Volumebreak R&D

Chandramohan shares with use his first r&d simulation using TP's Volumebreak node. Nice one by the way. Check it out...

Ground Crumble

FX Artist, J-Bond, shares with us a great simulation of a ground destruction made with TP, FumeFX all plugins for 3DSmax. Check it...

Kanye West – Cruel Summer Making Of

FX Artist and supervisor, Joel LeLièvre presents to us his latest work he made with B-Reel. Breakdown included. For that work he mainly used 3Dsmax, Zbrush, Xmesh, TP, Rayfire anf FumeFx Check it out...

MindHeist – Fibers

Fabian, FX Artist, shares with us a great wip made with particles driven by audio thanks to TP and Krakatoa. Check it out...

VolumeBreaker Researches

Well known FX TD at Blur Studio, Matt Radford, released some of numerous simulation test he made with TP. Check out...

Planet Side 2 Cinematic Breakdowns

Matt Radford, FX Animator at Blur Studios, shares with us those two impressives breakdowns of the PlanetSide 2 video game cinematic trailer. As he precised, he didn't made the whole shot but he certainly helps...

R&D Demolition Master

Eloi Andaluz released his R&D Demolition reel using BlackBoxes from TP. You can see more of them on here. Check it out...