Ground Split tutorial

Raj Pakhare shares  this two parts tutorial showing the techniques to split the ground using Max and Thinking Particles ...

Map Transfer free tool for Thinking Particles 5

AndVFX  also known under the name of Eloi Andaluz just released a new free Thinking Particles 5 tool called Map Transfer. Map Transfer is a toolbox for Thinking Particles to speed up animations with multiple...

Ash Decay with ThinkingParticles

FX Artist, Will Wallace just released this priceless first part tutorial on a sphere turning to ashes made with ThinkingParticles and Rayfire for 3Dsmax.

Camaro-geddon with TP5

Anselm von Seherr Thoss shared a nice ThinkingParticles destructing test on a Camaro.

Collapsing building with ThinkingParticles

Kosolax just shared with the community this great R&D simulation of a collapsing building made thanks to TP and VolumeBreaker node. Check it out :

TP Volumebreak R&D

Chandramohan shares with use his first r&d simulation using TP's Volumebreak node. Nice one by the way. Check it out :

Ground Crumble

FX Artist, J-Bond, shares with us a great simulation of a ground destruction made with TP, FumeFX all plugins for 3DSmax. Check it out

Kanye West – Cruel Summer Making Of

FX Artist and supervisor, Joel LeLièvre presents to us his latest work he made with B-Reel. Breakdown included. For that work he mainly used 3Dsmax, Zbrush, Xmesh, TP, Rayfire anf FumeFx Check it out : ...

Thinking particles blurp experiment

Miguel Hervás tested the blurp node of the thinking particles. Interesting result by the way. The scene was rendered with V-Ray.

MindHeist – Fibers

Fabian, FX Artist, shares with us a great wip made with particles driven by audio thanks to TP and Krakatoa. Check it out :  ...

VolumeBreaker Researches

Well known FX TD at Blur Studio, Matt Radford, released some of numerous simulation test he made with TP. Check out :

Planet Side 2 Cinematic Breakdowns

Matt Radford, FX Animator at Blur Studios, shares with us those two impressives breakdowns of the PlanetSide 2 video game cinematic trailer. As he precised, he didn't made the whole shot but he certainly helps ...

R&D Demolition Master

Eloi Andaluz released his R&D Demolition reel using BlackBoxes from TP. You can see more of them on here. Check it out ! ...