blender lights

White And Bright Scene Lightset in Blender

Benjamin Vurlod presents an interesting Blender video tutorial including the scene files, to help you to understand how to create a White and bright scene lightset with point...
Posing Character in ZBrush

Posing Character in ZBrush

Learn the basics of the different tools available in Zbrush to pose your character in this new video tutorial by Flipped Normals Posing Character in ZBrush Posing...
Asteroids and Instancing in Houdini

Asteroids and Instancing in Houdini

Learn how to create an asteroid field to show some of the attributes you can use on a set of points for instancing in Houdini in this video tutorial by Ryan Dowling Soka
procedural VFX Maya

Procedural VFX with Maya 2015

Learn about the powerful procedural FX capabilities of Autodesk Maya 2015, starting with the procedural fluid effects capabilities of Bifrost brings and XGen's role in creating arbitrary primitives like hair,...
mark molnar

Digital Painting Tutorial : Dark Elf Mage

Mark Molnar present his workflow to create a Dark Elf Mage in Photoshop using a 3d Model and passes. Want to learn more from Mark Molnar? Support his art book, Behind Pixels....
particle flow

 Introduction to Pflow

Enjoy these 3 quick introduction tutorials to Particle Flow, mParticles and Data Operators by Particle Skull Intro to PFlow : How the tool work. Intro to mParticles :...
New Tools And Workflows In 3ds Max 2015

New Tools And Workflows In 3ds Max 2015

Don't miss Autodesk presenting you in this video all the new tools and workflows in 3DS Max 2015. New Tools And Workflows In 3ds Max 2015 New Tools And...
Electric Text Tutorial

Electric Text in After Effects

VinhSon Nguyen fron Creative Dojo presents a video tutorial to learn how to create a very slick electrical/lightning text reveal effect right within After Effects using mostly built-in...
Displacement for fragmentation

Displacement For Fragmentation

Learn how to use Thinkbox's Genome and VRay(optional) to add displacement to fragmentation simulations in this video tutorial by Bottleship VFX
mocha 4

What’s new in Mocha 4

Learn what's new in Mocha 4 including, new features as 3D Remove, Rotoscoping Tracking and Integration with Premiere Pro...
Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0

Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 Tutorial

Dominik from Curse Studio presents a new Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 video tutorial including the scene file Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 Cinema 4D / Octane 2.0 Cinema 4D /...
blender parfume

Making a Perfume flask with Blender

In this tutorial Evermotion tutorial, Mike will show you how to model a perfume flask in Blender and then setup the scene in 3ds Max and render it with V-Ray blender...
Neon Sign

Creating a Neon Sign with C4D

Learn how to create a Neon Sign with Cinema 4D by Sean Frangella from Premiumbeat Neon Sign Neon Sign Neon...
Realistic Wire Meshes

Modeling Realistic Wire Meshes in Cinema 4D

Learn how to to model a realistic wire meshes using sweep nurbs and cloners to create a full model of a 3D microphone in Cinema 4D Realistic Wire Meshes Realistic Wire...
Xgen in Autodesk Maya 2015

Controlling Complexity with Xgen in Maya 2015

Learn how to master Xgen, the tools originally developed by Disney in Maya 2015 with this video tutorial Xgen in Autodesk Maya 2015 Xgen in Autodesk Maya...
forge master 1

Tutorial : The Forgemaster, a game character

Ben Douglas  will take you through every single step of creating The Forgemaster in this  high quality in depth video tutorial with all ressources. From concepting, to the ZBrush sculpt, painting,...
Advanced LightCaps in ZBrush 4R6

Advanced LightCaps in ZBrush 4R6

Learn how you can use HDR images to create realistic lighting from environments in this new ZBrush 4R6 video Tutorial by Ben Douglas Watch more Video Tutorial on Zbrush by Ben Douglas...
LightCaps and Rendering in ZBrush 4R6

LightCaps and Rendering ZBrush 4R6

Ben Douglas presents a new video tutorial about  LightCaps and Rendering in ZBrush 4R6. Learn how to set up LightCaps, Render Properties, BPR Filters, exporting BPR render passes, depth, shadow and AO...