Chappie - Behind The Scenes

Chappie: Behind The Scenes

Enjoy this amazing and really impressive Behind The Scenes from the movie Chappie presented by Weta Digital ! Meet Mark Theriault, Fx Artist on Chappie during I.A. Magazine Master Classes http://www.dailymoti...
Rodeo FX Delivers Escape Sequence

Rodeo FX Escape Sequence for Tomorrowland

Combining Practical Elements with CGI for a Realistic Look Rodeo FX completed 50 visual effects shots for the latest Brad Bird movie, Tomorrowland, including digital matte painting, bluescreen compositing,...

Marc Rienzo Supervisor Reel

Marc Rienzo,  Visual Effects Supervisor, Outsource Supervisor, Digital Effects Supervisor, and Compositing Supervisor presents his new reel   Marc Rienzo Marc Rien...
making of night at the museum

Making of Night and the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Discover this making of Night and the Museum: Secret of the Tomb by MPC. Lead by MPC Vancouver VFX Supervisor Seth Maury and VFX Producer Laura Schultz, MPC’s team completed 250 shots for Night at the Museu...
Marek Sulęcki

Marek Sulęcki Cloth Simulation Reel

Marek Sulęcki presents a selection of simulations done for Platige Image in his new demoreel   Marek Sulęcki Marek Sulęcki Marek Sulęcki Marek Sulęc...
Making of Emerging Island

Making of Emerging Islands

Universal Production Partners, Visual Effects and Post Production House in Czech Republic, presents the making ofEmerging Island Everything was created from scratch - including water simulations, non-tiled oce...

Ant-Man : First Time Shrinking

Don't miss this first epic clip from Ant-man showing his first time shrinking
The Whispers

Making of The Whispers by Encore VFX

A mysterious force begins manipulating children in ABC Television's new series “The Whispers,” which features visual effects from Encore VFX. Led by Encore VFX Supervisor and Creative Director Stephan Fleet...
Stephen DeLalla

Stephen DeLalla 2015 Showreel

Stephen DeLalla, CG Supervisor at Psyop in Los Angeles presents a collection of his work made since 2011. Stephen DeLalla Stephen DeLalla Stephen DeLalla Stephen De...
Tipper Studio

Tippett Studio : Digital Environments Reel

Visual Effects company, Tippett Studio, presents their new demoreel focusing on digital environments Tipper Studio Tipper Studio Tipper Studio Tipper Studio Tipp...

Iloura 2015 VFX Reel

Australian VFX Studio, Iloura presents the HD version of their current 2015 Winter film VFX showreel. Iloura Iloura Iloura Iloura Iloura Iloura Iloura ...
Bad Blood VFX Breakdown

Bad Blood VFX Breakdown

Ingenuity Engine is an artist owned and driven visual effects studio with locations in Hollywood and New York presents the making of Bad Blood. Bad Blood VFX Breakdown Bad B...
Artifex continuum

The VFX of Continuum by Artifex

Artifex Studios was founded in 1997 with just two eager employees. Today, the Vancouver-based visual effects studio has grown to a staff of 25 – and just as importantly, now plays a key role in several well-k...
Dream Koala

Earth : Dream Koala

Fabulous 3D (Adrien Peze et Albin Merle) and Les Gentils Garçons present "Earth. Home. Destroy"  a music video for new Koala EP, a beautiful  Space Opera. Dream Koala Dr...

Creating Paddington

Learn how the Framestore team has created Paddington using Mari and Nuke Paddington Paddington Paddington Paddington...
Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

A new trailer for Attack on Titan, the live action movie inspired by (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin), a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.
Into The Woods VFX breakdown

Making of Into The Woods

Learn how MPC has created some of the VFX of Disney's Into the Woods in this special VFX Breakdown. Into The Woods VFX breakdown Into The Woods VFX breakdown ...