Project "I"

Making of Project “I”

Ixor presents a vfx breakdown of Project "I",  a full CG animated movie based on mythological and fictional creatures and...
Video thumbnail for vimeo video The Fly : Breakdown - Animation

The Fly : Breakdown

Giulio Tonini presents a breakdown of shots from a recent TV spot he's worked, featuring a CG fly, made with Maya, Arnold Render and...
Eugene Gittsigrat

Viy VFX BReakdown

VFX supervisor Eugene Gittsigrat presents an interesting VFX Breakdown made for Viy, a movie directed by Oleg...
making of Gravity

Interview : Making of Gravity

VFX Supervisor Tim Webber and members the visual effects team at Framestore talk about their experiences of creating the incredible award-winning...
Wayne Robson 2

Wayne Robson Reel

Mudbow master Wayne Robson presents his work as 3D supervisor for the film The Last Days On Mars and a compilation of work made at Screen Scene...
Jonathan Macintosh

Jonathan Macintosh

Jonathan Macintosh presents his latest reel featuring his fully keyframe animated work on “I, Frankenstein”,“R.I.P.D”,“The Amazing...
Battleship Live Breakdown

Battleship Live Breakdown

Serbian VFX studio, Digital Kraft, presents a breakdown of their latest animated commercial made for Battleship...


Glassworks presents Climachill - A Cooling Revolution, featuring super-macro, photo-real CG and impressive camera...
elysium vfx breakdown

Elysium VFX Breakdown

Image Engine presents a new stunning VFX Breakdown made for Elysium