Panda Bear - Boys Latin

Panda Bear : Boys Latin

Panda Bear, the story of a young woman out for a hike along a coastal tide pool, directed by Encyclopedia Pictura Panda Bear - Boys Latin Panda Bear - Boys Latin...
elephant in Zbrush

Sculpting An Elephant in Zbrush

Isaac Oster,  character artist with 6 years professional experience in the game industry presents a new Zbrush video tutorial to learn how to sculpt an elephant with Zbrush. All References and Zbrush Files...
eat the sun

Eat The Sun

Watch Eat The Sun, the official music video from Tora, produced by Charlene Bartak and Chuong Vo, featuring more than 100 VFX Shots by Chuong Vo eat the sun eat the...

Tomorrowland’s Chattahoochee

London Studio Sense Collective presents an animated music video for Tomorrowland's Chattahoochee Tomorrowland Tomorrowland Tomorrowland...
the lava

Equateur : The Lava

Kadavre Exquis presents their new animated music video for Equateur new single, Lava the lava the lava the lava the...
Zbrush Lightcap

ZBrush LightCap

After his Zbrush Materials video tutorials series, Eric Keller, digital sculpting teacher at Gnomon School of Visual Effects presents a new Zbrush tutorial focusing on...
X Particles Training 5

X Particles Training

If you want to learn more about X Particles, don't miss this new video tutorial by Mike Batchelor about X Particles.
Cinema 4D Octane Render

Cinema 4D Octane Renderer

Learn how to use Octane render with Cinema 4D in this video tutorial by Curse Studio, exploring Lights, SSS Materials, Metal Shaders, Glass and...
Studio lamb - Nouveau Parfum

Studio Lamb – Nouveau Parfum

Hungarian VFX Company, Studio Lamb, presents 'Nouveau Parfum' a music video by Boogie featuring a live model retouching simulation. Studio lamb - Nouveau Parfum Studio...
SnowMan in Blender

SnowMan in Blender

Learn how to model a snowman and all its props in Blender in this new video tutorial by Blendtuts SnowMan in Blender SnowMan in...
Blue-Zoo Xmas

Blue-Zoo Xmas 2013

Multi BAFTA award winning animation studio, Blue-Zoo presents their special christmas short movie  ...
Tracking in Nuke

Tracking in Nuke

Learn how to make a realistic tracking in Nuke, by generating point cloud from a tracked camera, generate a mesh, project textures and finally composite them together. This tutorial is provided by...

Godzilla Trailer

Toho's iconic Godzilla is back in the first full trailer for Godzilla 2014, directed by Gareth Edwards
Gloom menina


Want to start your day with a fresh animation? Pedro Eboli from Birdo Filmes send us a note about their latest 2D/3D/live-action music video. It´s a kaiju-inspired, 80s-japanese-hero-show-fueled romantic...
Rope Shader

Create a Rope Shader

Simon Fiedler presents a method to create a Rope Shader in Cinema 4D, including the source file.  ...
Atoms for Peace

Making of: Atoms for Peace

Andrew Thomas Huang presents the making of Atoms for Peace new music video, Before Your Very Eyes. Credits   Producers: Brian...
Rigging Tail

Rigging a Tail

Learn how to rigg a character with an undulating tail in this video tutorial including the source file by...