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When We Left The Earth - Results

As for all challenges, It's very hard to differentiate 'winners and losers' across such a range of creativity. After lots of days comparing all jury arguments and how and why they've picked some submissions as their favorite, here's the winner list.

I know how some artists can feel frustrated after such a long, friendly challenge to not be featured in the this final list. I want to let them all know that we've enjoyed all submissions. We've tried to select as a prior argument submissions with a story, a concept that fits the brief, with a vision. For the jury it was clear that even if technical skills is something very important, we were to accept a submission as entering the winner list if it has firstly what this little thing we can't describe, but feed your imagination.

Nick Harris, one of our jury explains this clearly : " In making my decisions on this, I am looking at it from the stance of an illustrator who loves to see narrative content, combined with good composition and solid execution. Get the combination of those three things right and you generally have a pretty strong image in front of you. I was looking for images that would make sense next to your brief as a caption, without needing more explanation. "

I would like to congrat all the participants and for sure the winners. Prepare for the next challenge, we've something really exciting for you!

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2D Section - First Prize : "The Day When We Left Earth" by Zeen

Making Of "The Day When We Left Earth" by Zeen

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3D Section - First Prize : "Bye Bye-Blue Ball" by BbB

Making Of "Bye-Bye Blue Ball" by BbB

Video Section - First Prize : "When We Left The Earth" by ttaaddeekk


Making Of "When we Left Earth" by ttaaddeekk

Second Prize ( Click )